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The FGX-Web Business Package offer includes:

- FGX-Web Business Managed Service
- Website Security Health Check
- Info Security Policies & Procedures Template

And your sign up bonus of:

- An exclusive Popcorn Training bundle for 1 person.


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Why Foregenix?

"As the industry is seeing escalating levels of malicious attacks against eCommerce businesses, we decided to take the proactive step to partner with a world class, specialist security team to monitor and protect our clients."
- Dave Wiltshire
Managing Director, 
Juno Media

In the past 8 years we've handled thousands of cases helping businesses that have been hacked, leaking millions of customer card data and personal information.

With one of the most active Forensics teams in Europe, this wealth of experience and knowledge has resulted in a market-leading website security solution - FGX-Web, providing cyber security intelligence as well as protection to SME websites all over the world.

FGX-Web contains the key security features required to provide effective protection and monitoring for a website. Delivered as a managed service, our clients have market-leading technology monitoring and protecting their website and a team of highly skilled Threat Intelligence Analysts to analyse and monitor any threats detected. 
What's Included in the Offer?

This FGX-Web Business Package offer is designed to help you to rapidly secure your online business and to provide you with additional tools and training to improve the overall cyber security posture of your business. So, what's included?

The FGX-Web Business Managed Service includes:

  ✔ An Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  ✔ Dedicated Elastic Load Balancer - to handle surges in traffic.
  ✔ Site Accelerator - enabling rapid content delivery.
  ✔ Granular WAF Ruleset - customised for your website.
  ✔ Use your own SSL Certificate.
  ✔ PCI DSS Website Security Monitoring
  ✔ Foregenix Secure Seal - for you to display to help conversions.
  ✔ Malware Scanning - the most comprehensive website malware scanner. 
  ✔ File Change Monitoring - to log ALL changes made to your website.
  ✔ Payment Card Data Scans.
  ✔ Backdoor/Webshell Scanning.
  ✔ Web Access Log Monitoring.
  ✔ Threat Intelligence Analysts to review your website security alerts for you daily (Mon-Fri, with after-hours support).
  ✔ Foregenix Data Breach Protection Warranty of up to £50,000/annum. Conditions apply.
  ✔ 12 months managed service and licence.

FGX-Web End User Licence Agreement can be viewed here.

The Website Security Health Check Service includes:

  ✔ A dedicated Threat Intelligence Analyst assigned to your site to search for major security issues and support you to fix them.
  ✔ A comprehensive external vulnerability scan to determine vulnerabilities in your website.
  ✔ Analysis of the FGX-Web scan data - malware scans & cardholder data scans to determine any indicators of compromise.
  ✔ Delivery - within 7 days - of a full Website Security Health Check Report, highlighting any major vulnerabilities and providing 
       guidance to quickly and effectively deal with them.

The Information Security Policies and Procedures Template includes:

A full Information Security Policies and Procedures Template document, written by Information Security specialists and designed to be adapted to support small businesses through to large corporates.  If your business is required to PCI DSS Compliant, this is a hugely important document to underpin your compliance initiatives.

Popcorn Training Package

Popcorn Training is one of the industry leaders in delivering highly engaging, entertaining (YES!) cyber security awareness training.  Who thought cyber security training would be dry and boring?  Correct answer is  - most people do!  

With Popcorn Training's engaging, humorous training videos, complex scenarios are broken down and simplified to educate non-cyber-security-aware people on how to protect themselves and their businesses from cyber threats.  

This Popcorn Training sign up bonus is for a single seat (1 person) with course content access for 12 months.  The courses we've included are:

  ✔ Phishing – how to spot phishing scams before its too late.
  ✔ Passwords – the true importance of a password.
  ✔ Ransomware – don’t let your files land up in someone else’s hands.
  ✔ PCI DSS – why its important and how it affects how you handle card data.

This is an exclusive 4 course training package put together only for Foregenix customers.

Extremely Limited Time Offer
You're investing your business all the time - time, effort and money.  Protect your investment with our FGX-Web Business Package, so that you can keep growing a successful, secure online business.  
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